"Robbins has that witty, acid tongued quipster down pat... a shock... baudy... surprising"

- Larry Stark, TheatreMirror



"Jito Lee has created a surrealistic and believable jumble of a saging drop, abandoned scenery, outre props, a rack of worn costumes... He's also added a line of old fashioned individual footlights used sparingly to garish effect when appropriate... a stage which has seen the ghosts summoned from Barrymore's addled brain...

Zamparelli has used the material at hand to mold this... into a moving evening of theater, alternating between the comic and the tragic."

-Will Stackman, Aislesay



"Robbins is Barrymore right from the get go...
Zamparelli and company make Luce's script sing, in all the touching spots, and zing in the riotous moments."

-Beverly Creasy, Theatre 411