JOSEPH ZAMPARELLI, JR.  ...Theatrical Work On Camera

6ft. 210 lbs.
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown

photo by Jito Lee

Bar Fly/Biker/Bus Crash Survivor The Hill Showtime / Brotherhood Productions
Vladim Krulyev Desperate Measures Badlands Productions
Artist/Diner Customer/Umpire The Hill Showtime / Brotherhood Productions
Drug Dealer The Departed Martin Scorcese / Paramount Pictures
Track Buddy Black Irish Brad Gann / Black Irish Films
Charles Tainter Amazing News -
(Alexander Graham Bell and the Assasination of President Garfield)
Office Kei - Nippon TV
Bouncer/Mourner The Brotherhood Showtime / Blind Decker Productions
Red Sox Fanatic Fever Pitch Farrelly Brothers / 20th Century Fox
Brian Reynolds Imperfectly

Entertaining Diversity Films

Husband Un-Spoken  (Animated) T. Time Productions, MA / L.A.

Carl Fishkyll

Got Race

Entertaining Diversity Films

19th Century Whaling Captain

The City That Lit the World

Northern Light Productions

Field Reporter (as narrator)

Another Such Victory

(Cine-Golden Eagle Award)

Northern Light Productions

Lyman Johnson The Restoration LDS Motion Picture Studios, UT
The Americans (7characters) Ethnic Man Entertaining Diversity Productions
Michael the Murdered Salesman Haunted History The History Channel
Greystone Productions, LA
Staples the Jailer Walden The Learning Channel
Durrin Productions, DC
Cabbie Electric Car Interactive Promotional Chedd-Angier Productions, MA
Chief Det. Brian Archer Death and the Compass Spotted Lizard Productions, MA
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